Cancellation guarantee

Before your departure

If the following should happen:

  • serious illness or serious accident or death of:
    - yourself or your spouse (or legal partner),
    - one of your direct family,
  • death of a brother, a sister, a brother-in-law, a sister-in-law,
  • material damage to your property necessitating your presence,
  • redundancy except for contracts of less than one year,
  • accident or theft of your vehicle and/or your caravan on your journey to your holiday,
  • obtaining after the reservation date, a permanent contract of work, for someone registered at the job centre for more than one year.



  • the amount of the deposit less the booking fee and the amount of subscription to the cancellation guarantee in the case of an event between the reservation date and the 30th day before the start of your reservation.
  • 100% of the amount of the hire less the booking fee and the amount of subscription to the cancellation guarantee in the case of an event less than 30 days before this date.

During your stay

If one of the above events happens and forces you to interrupt your stay,


The amount corresponding to the part of the booking not affected and already invoiced by the establishment.


  • The event is caused by war, strike, nuclear or radioactive event,
  • the event intentionally provoked by the insured,
  • the suicide or suicide attempt of the insured,
  • the accident, the illness or the death:
    - occurs prior to the start date of the guarantee,
    - resulting from a chronic illness,
    - affects a person over the age of 80 years old except if their death occurs less than 5 days before the start date of the booking,
    - the depression results in being hospitalised less than 3 days, 
  • the weather.

What to do in case of accident?

  • Within 24 hours, it is imperative to alert the reservations service to the event restricting your departure.
  • Send the reservations service the relevant elements of proof (within 10 days of the request to cancel the booking):
    - a letter stipulating the cancellation of your booking,
    - a medical certificate noting the nature, the origin as well as the seriousness of the accident or illness. It must mention the incapacity of the client to be able to stay at the establishment for the reserved dates,
    - all proof of the event.


  • 3€ per night for all bookings less than 7 nights.
  • 20€ per week for all bookings of 7 nights.
  • From 7 nights, the price is pro-rata of the weekly price.

Example: for a booking of 10 nights, you pay 20€ for 7 nights (weekly cost) + (20€/7 nights) x 3 nights = 28.75€.

This document is for information only. A copy of the booking terms and conditions applying to these contracts are available on demand. 

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