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Cancellation insurance

To feel reassured, get insured!

Assurance annulation Oléla To book your next holiday without the stress, we strongly recommend you take out our cancellation insurance. This covers you for a great many incidents, including those related to COVID.

It costs 5% of the cost of your rental (accommodation or pitch).

COVID cover included


Before your stay

Cancellation insurance covers several eventualities prior to your stay, upon presentation of a document justifying cancellation. For example (non-exhaustive list, find all cancellation conditions on www.campez-couvert.com):

  • Serious illness, accident or death, including COVID-19, relapse, the aggravation of a chronic or pre-existing illness, as well as the results thereof, the after-effects of an accident occurring prior to subscription to the contact, of yourself, your spouse (or declared partner), your ancestors or descendants up to the 2nd degree, step-fathers, step-mothers, sisters, brothers, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law,
  • death of your uncle, aunt, nephews and nieces,
  • significant material damage affecting your property and urgently requiring your presence,
  • redundancy or contractual termination of yourself or your partner, providing that the procedure was not initiated before the contract was signed,
  • serious damage to your vehicle within 48 working hours preceding the 1st day of your break and to an extent where it cannot be used to get you to your place of stay,
  • procurement of a paid job for a duration of more than 6 months taking effect before or during the planned dates of your break, while you are registered as a jobseeker after Pôle Emploi on the day of registration for your break,
  • complications due to pregnancy occurring before the end of the 26th week of pregnancy,
  • Your divorce or PACS termination as long as the procedure was brought to the courts after the booking of the stay,
  • Removal or modification of the dates of your paid holidays, or those of your common-law or legal partner, imposed by your employer for a legitimate reason or exceptional circumstances and officially agreed by the latter party before the registration for the break. This guarantee does not apply to heads of companies, self-employed professions, tradesmen and temporary show business workers,
  • professional transfer requiring a house move, imposed by your line management, not having been the subject of a request on your part and on condition that the transfer was not known at the time you took out the contract,
  • COVID extension : In the event of COVID diagnosis, self-isolation following a positive COVID test, if you’ve been in contact with someone who tested positive... See conditions


  • If you have paid a deposit: administrative fees will be deducted from the amount of the paid sum, the excess (amount set by the insurance company depending on the reason for cancellation) and the subscription costs for the cancellation insurance in case of an event occurring between the booking date and the 30th day before the date on which the booking is expected to take place.
  • If you have paid for the whole of your stay: 100 % of the rental cost minus the administration fees, the excess (amount set by the insurance company depending on the reason for cancellation) and the subscription costs for the cancellation insurance in case of an event occurring less than 30 days before this date.


During your stay

If one of the events above occurs and forces you to interrupt your break,


  • The amount corresponding to the part of the break not carried out and already invoiced by the establishment.



Non-exhaustive list, find all cancellation conditions on www.campez-couvert.com.

  • illness requiring psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment including nervous breakdowns which did not required a minimum of 3 days’ hospitalisation at the time of the cancellation of the break,
  • pregnancy, voluntary termination of pregnancy, childbirth, IVF and the consequences thereof,
  • complications due to pregnancy occurring after the 26th week of pregnancy,
  • illness or accident which was the subject of a primary observation, a relapse, aggravation or a hospitalisation between the purchase date of the break and the insurance contract subscription date,
  • weather,
  • all personal convenience.

What to do in the event of an accident?

  • Notify the reservation services as soon as you have knowledge of an event preventing your departure,
  • report your accident on the website www.declare.fr,
  • attach the supporting documents,
    • in case of illness or accident, a medical certificate clarifying the nature, origin and the seriousness of the accident or illness. This must mention the client’s inability to stay in the establishment during the booked dates,
    • in case of death, a certificate and the death registry record,
    • in other cases, any supporting documents.


The fees, corresponding to 5% of the accommodation cost (rental or camping pitch with additional people), is entirely and only payable at the time of booking.