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Our campsites in Loire-Atlantique

Thanks to the exceptional geographical location of our campsite in Loire-Atlantique, you can discover a wealth of natural and man-made sites and the human stories associated with them. The troubled waters of history have left their mark on the land, making for some exciting places to visit. Here, everything is big: the planes, the cruise ships, the marshes - and children’s eyes when they see the open sea!

Our campsite in Loire-Atlantique is located right in the middle of an area packed with tourist attractions no more than 30 km away... check out the guide!


Pornichet : Tempted by the prospect of a fun, tech-based outing in this charming seaside resort? Download the free Baludik app! In the form of a scavenger or treasure hunt, you’ll experience a new way to take a walk. Alternatively, there are information panels in town to help you discover the architectural heritage represented by all the magnificent villas built from the end of the 19th century onwards.

La Baule Bay is unmissable when you choose our campsite in Loire-Atlantique as a base. It’s one of the most beautiful bays in the world. It’s located just 15 km away from l’Ève campsite. We suggest weaving your way through the maze of avenues by bike. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on a single bit of the charm of the historic villas under the pine trees and the splendour of the most prestigious buildings...

Le Pouliguen, a fishing and leisure port, gives you a magnificent view of La Baule Bay. Its quayside promenade, shaded by plane trees and full of old-fashioned charm, gives children the chance to enjoy merry-go-round rides or sail toy boats in an ornamental pond! Alternatively, the whole family can try waffles and sweets bought from seasonal businesses.

La côte sauvage (wild coast) that a campsite in Loire-Atlantique allows you to access is remarkable for the opportunities it offers for gathering seafood by hand. You’ll be able to examine even the smallest rock or pool of water over several kilometres between Le Pouliguen and Le Croisic

Le Croisic is a certified ‘small town of character’ located at the very tip of the Guérande Peninsula. It’s also the most-painted port on the coast, having been immortalised by a great many artists. You’ll love this place, and you’ll adore the crepes and galettes available from many different establishments. Oh yes, we’re in historic Brittany! The salted butter caramel, the cider and - of course - the seafood all await you…

Les marais salants et le musée du sel will let you in on all the secrets of the famous Guérande salt. Why is this salt so highly prized? How is it produced? You’ll get to know everything about the job of a salt worker during the museum visit and the guided tour of the marshes (several programmes available depending on the ages of the children in your group). Our suggestion: explore the marshes by bike too. You'll be able to appreciate the incredible light and see flocks of migratory birds! 

Guérande beckoning to you from the salt marshes from the top of its great pointed bell tower? Then don’t hesitate to accept its invitation - you won’t be disappointed! This fortified medieval town, which achieved the label of ‘Ville d’art et d’histoire’ (‘Town of art and history’) in 2004, is like a journey into another world. We won’t give anything else away... ;) The kids will be equally thrilled thanks to a range of discovery trails: ‘La chasse au dragon’ (‘Dragon Hunt’, ages 3-6), ‘Le trésor de Guérande’ (‘The Treasure of Guérande’) and ‘La visite enquête’ (‘The Investigation’). The latter two are for the whole family to do together.

Le parc régional de la Brière not far from our campsite in Loire-Atlantique, gives you the chance to explore France’s top regional nature park with its typical thatched cottages. parc naturel régional en France avec ses chaumières typiques. Children will love the modes of transport designed to ensure total immersion: a boat or a horse-drawn carriage? Who gets to pick, kids?


Whether on foot or by bike, explore the area around our campsite in Loire-Atlantique


The coast where our campsite is situated is made up of coves overlooked by a coastal path. It almost feels like you’re in Brittany!

La Courance beach. Don’t bother getting in the car to go to the beach! The campsite enjoys direct access to La Courance beach. It’s a very large cove, supervised and suitable for families.

The green, shaded, La Courance valley, very near the campsite, is the ideal spot for a jog, a walk or a bike ride. Follow the directions and make a tiny detour to discover some little-known local heritage: a sixteenth-century cross and the nineteenth-century Moulin des Rochelles (Les Rochelles Mill). If your ears are ringing, that’s perfectly normal - at an altitude of more than 40 m, you’ve reached the commune’s highest point.

La plage de Monsieur Hulot. Leaving the campsite on foot and taking the coastal path, discover where ‘Mr Hulot’s Holiday’ (or, in the original French, ‘Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot’) was filmed. In fact, in 1951, Jacques Tati, the film’s director, chose la the beach at Saint-Marc-sur-Mer (in thecommune of Saint-Nazaire) as an outdoor filming location. Watch it - or rewatch it - as a family!


When you pick a campsite in Loire-Atlantique, make sure it’s in Saint-Nazaire!


Saint-Nazaire has so many more surprises to offer than its ‘port town’ image might suggest. Today, it’s also a very nice seaside town with plenty of cultural events and original tours to experience!

An original guided tour of Saint-Nazaire, with a map of Saint-Nazaire from 1905 in hand! This unusual orienteering course, complete with markers to find, is also - and above all - a really fun way to immerse yourself in the past and present of the town. And finally, what if the town of yesteryear was closer than we thought? The lavishly-illustrated map can be purchased for €1.50 from the Escal’Atlantic gift shop.

L’écomusée de Saint-Nazaire tells the story of the town. It’s a patchwork of happy occasions, like the conquest of sea and sky and the quest for social progress, as well as some sad ones, such as the Second World War. Go on a family journey through this story, from the establishment of the port and growth of the town in the 19th century to the rebuilding of the town in the 1950s...

« LE PORT DE TOUS LES VOYAGES » ist a group of unique places to visit around the port of Saint-Nazaire. Don’t wait another moment: climb aboard, be curious and have some unforgettable experiences! Buy your tickets (the 3-visit Pass’Port deal) online or at the campsite reception to avoid the queues!

Escal’Atlantic is the only attraction of its kind in Europe. It allows you to explore the exciting history of transatlantic liners, those magnificent travelling machines. Explore, take part, be amazed... the path through Escal’Atlantic has surprises in store for the whole family...

The shipyards: Discover the cradle of the queens of the sea: cruise ships! For a century and a half, these ships have been Saint-Nazaire’s most beautiful ambassadors. They testify to an extraordinary degree of savoir-faire. Two different tours are on offer: ‘géants des mers’ (giants of the sea), 1 hour 30 minutes and ‘chantier naval’ (shipyard), a more detailed 2-hour guided tour

The submarine Espadon (‘Swordfish’) is an exceptional piece of maritime heritage. Climb aboard the first French submarine to surface above the Arctic Circle. Find out what noise a colony of shrimps makes, or what an iceberg sounds like when it breaks in two. Ready for some thrills?

Airbus invites you to take a peek at aircraft under construction in one of Europe’s biggest aviation hubs. Here in Saint-Nazaire, you can meet the whole family, from A320s to the huge transporter planes, A380s and A350s. You might see the gigantic Beluga cargo plane, which regularly comes to pick up pieces of planes to transport them to Toulouse or Hamburg.

Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port Port welcomes you into the beating heart of the terminals and allows you to get up close to the equipment, cranes and gantries to find out how they work. Almost 3,000 ships are received there each year, linking the Loire Estuary to 400 ports spread throughout the entire world. Spectacular and unusual. A must see!

Cruises around Saint-Nazaire To see things from a new angle, embark on one of 3 cruises (including a night cruise) between Saint-Nazaire, the estuary and La Baule Bay. It’s your chance to see where the estuary meets the ocean from up close. Note: the cruises only take place in July and August - make sure to familiarise yourself with the exact dates.


Stay at a campsite in Loire-Atlantique and take a walk on the wild side


Planète sauvage is a wildlife park located 60 km away from our campsite in Loire-Atlantique. Once there, you can explore via the paths or the footbridges, or take a tour in a bush truck with a guide. Like real adventurers, you’ll get up close and personal with the most amazing kinds of animals in 5 different wild worlds Our tip: during the school holidays, come as soon as the park opens (check the calendar) and start with the walking route or the safari trail! Just a thought: take advantage of the opportunity to visit Pornic, a charming little coastal port south of the estuary.

L’océarium du Croisic invites you to ‘call at ports all over the world’. It’s the ideal trip for grey days… There’s entertainment on offer every day, such as penguin feeding time or a chance to learn about the Australian sharks. From warm seas and coral reefs to the abysses of the Pacific, and from the Atlantic coasts to the big blue Mediterranean, the Océarium is proud to present more than 4,000 animals. Buy your tickets online to avoid the wait when you get here!

Le Bois d'Amour*** campsite

Texte date d'ouverture
Open from 12 May to 12 September 2021

Zen atmosphere
Bretagne Sud
Bullet points
  • Close to La Baule’s beach and shops
  • 4 km away from Guérande and 12 km away from Croisic
Outdoor pool Children's playground Sport Launderette Bar Snack/takeaway service
Located in La Baule, Le Bois d’Amour campsite welcomes you to its leafy 4-hectare site close to the town centre and the beach.

L'Ève**** campsite

Texte date d'ouverture
Open from 10 April to 07 November 2021

Fun entertainment
Bretagne Sud
Bullet points
  • Direct, secure access to the beach
  • Between Saint-Nazaire and Pornichet
Water play area Water slides Indoor pool Outdoor pool Children's playground Entertainment Kids'club Sport Launderette Bar Restaurant/takeaway service Snack/takeaway service
Located on the Guérande Peninsula, near Pornichet and La Baule, L’Eve campsite welcomes you to its leafy 7-hectare site.

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