Go camping for a fraction of the price thanks to ACSI


What is the ACSI card?

Campings avec remise ACSIThe ACSI card is a discount card which enables you to go camping at a discounted price during the low season.

It is ideal for camping enthusiasts, since it offers you very low, fixed rates for a wide range of establishments.

You can order this discount card on the website: ACSI. The card will have paid for itself after just a few nights!

What does the ACSI rate include?

Included in the ACSI rate:

  • A camping pitch for 2 adults
  • Car + tent, caravan or motorhome
  • Electricity,
  • Hot showers
  • 1 pet (except at Moulin du Roch)
  • VAT

Not included in the ACSI rate:

  • Tourist and environmental tax
  • Possible booking fees

Which campsites take part in the ACSI programme?

Upon your arrival at reception, all you have to do is present your ACSI card and the reduced rate will automatically be applied.

Camping de L'Eve promo ACSI BRETAGNE SUD ?
 L'Eve**** campsite (Saint-Marc-sur-Mer)

 Open from 10/04 to 01/11/21

 ACSI card acceptance dates
 from 10/04 to 06/07 and from 31/08 to 01/11

 Camping pitch rate: €18/night

Camping Signol promo ACSI ÎLE D'OLÉRON ?
 Signol***** campsite (Boyardville)

 Open from 10/04 to 19/09/21

 ACSI card acceptance dates
 from 10/04 to 06/07 and from 31/08 to 19/09

 Camping pitch rate: €18/night

Camping La Bretèche promo ACSI BOCAGE VENDÉEN ?
 La Bretèche**** campsite (Les Epesses, Puy du Fou)
 Open from 02/04 to 01/11/21

 ACSI card acceptance dates
 from 02/04 to 06/07 and from 31/08 to 01/11

 Camping pitch rate: €18/night

Camping La Rivière promo ACSI VIENNE ?
 La Rivière**** campsite (Valence-en-Poitou)
 Open from 10/04 to 01/11/21

 ACSI card acceptance dates
 from 10/04 to 06/07 and from 31/08 to 01/11

 Camping pitch rate: €18/night

Camping Le Moulin du Roch promo ACSI DORDOGNE ?
 Le Moulin du Roch***** campsite (Saint-André-d'Allas)
 Open from 12/05 to 12/09/21

 ACSI card acceptance dates
 from 12/05 to 06/07 and from 31/08 to 12/09

 Camping pitch rate: €18/night

Camping Le Village Parisien promo ACSI ILE-DE-FRANCE ?
 Le Village Parisien**** campsite (Varreddes)
 Open from 10/04 to 01/11/21

 ACSI card acceptance dates
 from 10/04 to 06/07 and from 31/08 to 01/11

 Camping pitch rate: €20/night

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