General terms and conditions of sale

The following General Sales Conditions set out the terms and conditions of your booking with Oléla for the following sites: Le Village Parisien****, Le Bois d'Amour***, L’Ève****, Le Hameau du Petit Lay***, La Bretèche****, Le Petit Bec, Le Petit Rocher****, Bel Air****, La Rivière****, Les Peupliers****, Signol*****, Le Moulin du Roch*****, Beau Rivage***, Les Granges****, Le Boudigau**** and La Pergola****.


Your booking is guaranteed once we have received your deposit together with all information requested to make your booking and following approval by our reservations service.

  • For the campers : the booking is to be accompanied by a 100€ deposit + 25€ booking fee (or 10€ if the payment of the deposit and the balance of the booking are paid by C.C) + 20€ per week for the cancellation guarantee (if taken, its amount is 4% of the amount of the camping pitch, additional persons included). The balance of the booking must be paid at least 30 days before arrival.
  • For accommodation bookings : reservations must be accompanied by a deposit equivalent to 30% of the total cost of the stay+ 25€ booking fee (or 10€ if the payment of the deposit and the balance of the booking are paid by C.C) + the cancellation insurance (if taken, its amount is 4% of the amount of the accommodation). The balance of the booking must be paid at least 30 days before arrival.
  • Reservations made less than 30 days before arrival (for accommodation or pitches) : full payment is required at the time of booking by credit or debit card.
  • If full payment has not been received 30 days before arrival, the establishment reserves the right to cancel your booking. Any deposits already paid will be retained and no refund of payment will be due.
  • Payment methods : Payments may be made via credit card or debit card, money order or bank transfer (simply ask the booking service for the establishment’s bank details).
  • If you book your holiday under the terms of one of our promotional offers, full payment for your stay will be required by credit or debit card at the time of booking.
  • No-fee instalment payments : You may pay for your stay in several instalments with no additional fees as long as you provide an initial deposit upon reservation upon reservation and the balance of your stay at the latest 30 days before your arrival. Contact us on +33 (0)2 51 20 41 94 for further details.
  • Accommodation may be occupied by the intended party only. Additional or alternative party members, subletting or assignment to third parties is not permitted.
  • The prices are inclusive of VAT with a rate of VAT of 10% applicable on the day they are realised. All ulterior modification of the level of VAT applicable, occuring between the moment when the prices are fixed and the invoicing of the reservation, will incur a modification correlating to the price including VAT, which the client accepts without reserve. The price of extra equipment and services (TV, barbecue…) are fixed at a VAT level of 20%.
  • Minors must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.
  • Special requests : Oléla cannot guarantee to meet any special request made at the time of booking. Pitch numbers will only be advised on arrival.
  • Plans and photographs featured in our brochures and on our website are non-binding.



  • Pre check-in/pre check-out, available 10 days before your holiday on Go to “my account” after your holiday has been paid in full. 3 steps to save time at reception:
    • Finalise the details and validate via your online account.
    • Register your bank details (encryption by SSL security protocol) for online payment of any optional extras you may require.
    • Generate a bank card imprint to cover: fees relating to any damage or theft observed in your accommodation, settlement of any optional extras not previously paid for.

Warning: your pre check-in/pre check-out validation is definitive. It cannot be modified or cancelled and no refunds may apply to online payments made via this service.

  • The deposits : they will be demanded on arrival by bank card to cover breakages and cleaning costs.
    - for “Comfort Plus” camping pitches (La Bretèche, Signol and Le Moulin du Roch campsites): 65€ + 25€
    - for camping pitches with private toilets and shower (Signol campsite) and individual  private bathroom (La Rivière Campsite): 65€ + 25€
    - for accommodation: 210€ + 90€. A detailed inventory will be provided upon arrival and must be returned to Reception within 24 hours. For departure procedures, please carefully read and follow the instructions posted in your accommodation. Our team checks your accommodation on your departure; if left as it was on your arrival, your credit card will not be charged.
  • Additional persons : For insurance and safety reasons, the total number of people occupying our accommodation cannot exceed the maximum occupancy stated in our brochures and on our website. A baby counts as one person. If the number of persons exceeds the stated maximum occupancy, the management reserves the right to deny you access to the establishment.
  • Tourist tax: Is a tax imposed by local councils in France. The amount varies according to the council and the way each establishment is categorised. It is collected by us on behalf of the council and is payable together with the balance payment for your stay. Rates 2019:
    - Le Village Parisien**** (rate 2020, 01/01-31/12): 0.68€/day/pers from 18 years old
    - Le Bois d’Amour*** (rate 2020, 01/01-31/12): 0,55€/day/pers from 18 years old
    - L’Ève**** (01/01-31/12): 0.55€/day/pers from 18 years old
    - Le Hameau du Petit Lay*** (01/01-31/12): 0.65 €/day/pers from 18 years old
    - La Bretèche**** (01/01-31/12): 
    Campsite: 0.65€/day/pers from 18 years old
    Cottages : 1.00€/day/pers from 18 years old
    - Le Petit Bec (rate 2020, 1/4-12/12): 0.64€/day/pers from 18 years old
    - Le Petit Rocher**** (rate 2020, 01/04-30/09): 0.66€/day/pers from 18 years old
    - Bel Air**** (rate 2020, 01/04-30/09): 0.55€/day/pers from 18 years old
    - La Rivière****: not applicable
    - Les Peupliers**** (rate 2020, 01/01-31/12): 0.66€/day/pers from 18 years old
    - Signol*****: tax included in the price of your stay
    - Le Moulin du Roch***** (rate 2020, 01/01-31/12) : 0.66€/day/pers from 18 years old
    Green tax : 0.25€/day/pers (adults and children)
    - Beau Rivage*** (rate 2020, 01/01-31/12) : 0.66€/day/pers from 18 years old
    - Les Granges**** (rate 2020, 01/01-31/12) : 0.55€/day/pers from 18 years old
    - Le Boudigau**** (01/01-31/12): 0.66€/day/pers from 18 years old
    - La Pergola**** (01/01-31/12) : 0.65€/day/pers from 18 years old
  • Any change to the number of persons which may affect tourist tax charges must be advised upon arrival. If the person renting the accommodation provides incorrect information, this contract may be legally terminated with no refund of any payments made.
  • Pets : One pet per pitch/accommodation is permitted for a charge of 5€/night or 35€/week. This must be advised at the time of booking. Vaccination records/Pet Passport must be presented on arrival. Category 1 or 2 dogs (attack and guard dogs as defined by the French authorities) are not accepted. Animals are prohibited in the VIP range of accommodation, in Le Moulin du Roch campsite and in the holiday cottages in La Bretèche campsite.
  • Extra charges : The prices quoted at the time of booking do not include services that are payable on site such as laundry, bike hire, wellness facilities, etc.
  • Calculation of special offers : Where two special offers can be combined, the second is calculated based on the already reduced price.
  • Right of retraction : Oléla reminds you that in virtue of the article « L. 121-20-4 - 2 du “Code de la consommation” the code of consummation, the right of retraction is not applicable to the services of accommodation, of transport, of catering and activities provided at a date or according to a specific period. A summary of your booking will be communicated for all bookings made by telephone or on our website before any definitive payment, to avoid the booking becoming the object of a retraction.



  • Any request to modify a holiday, that could be feasible during the current season and only for the same establishment (dates, type of accommodation, number of people...), must be sent by the guest and in writing. If this request is accepted, a fee of €15 will apply. No modifications will be approved for less than 30 days from the arrival date.
  • Bracelets will be provided and must be worn to access the swimming-pool. Swimming shorts are not permitted.
  • For reasons of safety and comfort, visitors who are not party members of booked accommodation are not allowed to enter pool areas.
  • Electric and charcoal barbecues are not permitted. Charcoal barbecues are permitted at Bel Air campsite, La Rivière and Le Moulin du Roch campsites.
  • All our rental accommodation is strictly non-smoking.
  • Length of booking and hours for the camping pitches : Bookings are made on a nightly basis. Pitches are available from 3 p.m. and must be vacated by midday on the day of departure.
  • Length of booking and hours for the accommodation : our bookings are made on a nightly basis (with a minimum of 2 consecutive nights). Oléla reserve the right to stop, modify or limit the restrictions at any time by including or excluding dates or types of accommodation. All accommodation is available from 4 pm and must be vacated before 10 am.
  • Length of stay and hours for the cottages at La Bretèche**** campsite: our bookings are made on a nightly basis (with a minimum of 4 consecutive nights) before 20/06/20 and from 12/09/20, and by the week (from Saturday to Saturday) between 20/06/20 and 12/09/20.
  • Late or delayed arrival: You must advise the establishment of any delay to your arrival in order for your booking to be held. The establishment management reserves the right to release and re-book the reserved pitch or accommodation if no contact has been made within 24 hours of your expected arrival. Any payments already made will not be refunded in these circumstances.
  • Third party liability insurance is compulsory. You are advised to take out appropriate travel insurance to include this cover.
  • Rental insurance: the tenants are obliged to take out insurance with an insurance company against the risks associated with their stay, namely: theft, loss or damage to personal property, or damage that is caused to the rented accommodation and furniture or the establishment, whether done intentionally or through negligence, by the tenant or any companions. Guests must be able to provide proof of this insurance and produce this proof on demand. Personal items, luggage, furniture, securities and vehicles are not insured against theft, loss or damage from any cause. If a bike is rented or loaned, customers are required to take out an insurance against theft, loss or damage. A deposit will be requested for each bike.
  • Image rights: In making your booking, you expressly authorise the site and Oléla to use photographs and videos of you and your party taken during your stay on any media to promote the site and the Oléla group, without payment. The reuse of photographs and videos owned by Oléla for private use is prohibited.
  • In case of litigation, the court of competent jurisdiction is the court of first instance in La Roche-sur-Yon for Le Village Parisien, Le Bois d'Amour, L’Ève, La Bretèche and Le Hameau du Petit Lay campsites, the one in Les Sables d’Olonne for Le Petit Bec holiday village, Le Petit Rocher and Bel Air campsites, the one in Poitiers for La Rivière campsite, the one in La Rochelle for Les Peupliers campsite, the one in Rochefort for Signol campsite, the one in Sarlat for Le Moulin du Roch campsite, the one in Bergerac for Beau Rivage and Les Granges campsites, the one in Dax for Le Boudigau campsite and the one in Perpignan for La Pergola campsite. Conforming to article L. 152-1 of the consumer code, you have free recourse to the MEDICYS mediation service where we can be reached via the website: or by post: MEDICYS - 73 Boulevard de Clichy - 75009 PARIS.



  • Oléla propose you subscribe to a cancellation guarantee which includes, under certain conditions, the reimbursement of all or part of your booking. Without subscribing to the cancellation guarantee, no reimbursement will be possible for any reason.
  • Subscribing to the cancellation guarantee is highly recommended. The cost, 4% of the amount of the accommodation (rental or camping pitch, additional persons included) is payable in full and only at the time of booking.
  • All booking cancellations must be notified to the reservation service at the latest by the day after the arrival date. Without this, the nights used will be invoiced by the establishment.
  • Oléla will affect no reimbursement for cancellation (see exceptions hereafter).
  • All started bookings are due in totality.
  • No reduction is applied for late arrival or anticipated departure.
  • The cancellation guarantee includes the cost of booking, after deduction of the booking fee and the amount for this guarantee, on presentation of proof of cancellation in the following cases:
    - Serious accident, serious illness, hospitalisation or death of the insured, or spouse or descendants,
    - death of a brother, a sister, brother-in-law or sister-in-law,
    - serious loss, necessitating the presence of the insured the starting date, because of a theft, a fire or a natural act that affects the residence or vehicle of the insured,
    - redundancy of the insured or their spouse. These events are given as examples. All conditions are available by request to the reservation service.



  • Within 24 hours, it is imperative to alert the reservations service to the event restricting your departure.
  • Declare your event on
  • Every element of proof will be demanded:
    - a medical certificate noting the nature, the origin as well as the seriousness of the accident or illness. It must mention the incapacity of the client to be able to stay at the establishment for the reserved dates,
    - any other proof according to the event.


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